Kindle Transition

This post is a little announcement on how our blog is developing.

Up to now we have been buying physical copies of books and sending them using the postal services to one another, an overall pretty romantic attitude to a blog and reading in general. This method has brought us much joy – Nel has always found a parcel of books as an excuse to send some Bulgarian tea, sunflower seeds and other cultural delicacies Vel’s been missing greatly in England, and Vel has ‘smuggled’ a great deal of green tea and various goods, which Amazon doesn’t deliver that far East. We have always enjoyed opening and unwrapping these treasures.

We are doing our best this year to read and review 12 books – one for each month. To achieve this, our current method of posting books simply doesn’t cut it, as deliveries are often delayed well past the timescales we’ve paid for. Cost is also a factor, as well as the fact that some of the books have been damaged during their travels, despite rigorous wrapping.

From now onwards we are going to make our reading on kindle or paper, but without sending the book across a fair few European borders. Perhaps the way in which the books reach one another will lose some of it’s romance, but our reviews will keep the same honesty and upfrontness about our thoughts on a book, which we both hope you enjoy. We’d like to think that without the wait for a book to arrive through the letterbox, we can add a couple of extra titles we have already been discussing.

This month is our first trial of the new system, which brings some new challenges – the book is ‘Catch 22’ by Joseph Heller, Vel has read it on paper in English, and Nel is currently going through a Bulgarian translation from 1970s. How this has affected our perception, you will have to find in our review coming out later this month!

Take care of yourselves,

Nel and Vel