The Monk of Hilendar by Dimitar Talev

Cover of the book The Monk of Hilendar from above.

Edition Published: 1972, First Published: 1962 Language book read in: Bulgarian Vel’s Perspective The Monk of Hilendar is written by Dimitar Talev, a very prominent contemporary Bulgarian author. He tries to portray the life of one of Bulgaria’s most famous national heroes - Paisius of Hilendar. Paisius is widely loved and venerated, he has been made … Continue reading The Monk of Hilendar by Dimitar Talev


Edition Published: 2017, First Published: 2017 Language book read in: Bulgarian Vel's perspective I received a long-awaited parcel from Nelly around 6 March, and along the treats she always sends me was Milen Ruskov’s bulky creation - Chamkoria. I started reading right away. Though many days I was unable to revisit the book due to personal engagements, I … Continue reading CHAMKORIA BY MILEN RUSKOV


The cover of Sworn Virgin by Rene Karabash

Edition Published: 2018, First Published: 2018 Language book read in: Bulgarian   Nel’s Perspective: Reading Sworn Virgin by Rene Karabash was a unique experience. I was only barely familiar with the concept of a sworn virgin and I honestly thought that this is not something you can access and see for yourself today. But as it turns out, … Continue reading SWORN VIRGIN BY RENE KARABASH


The cover of Boxwood Ash by Ivan Trenev

Edition Published: 2013, First Published: 1980 Language book read in: Bulgarian   Vel’s Perspective: I have much to say about this book, and even more left to ponder before I can formulate it into coherent sentences. Up until this point Nelly and I challenged each other with books in English, most of which in the Gothic genre. I … Continue reading BOXWOOD ASH BY IVAN TRENEV