Transki Stories and Balkan Suite by Petar Delchev

Front and back cover of Transki Stories by Petar Delchev

Edition Published: 2019, First Published: 2013Language book read in: Bulgarian Vel’s Perspective Transki Stories is used as the umbrella name for two separate sets of stories - Transki Stories and Balkan Suite, which have been collected under one edition. The two sets of stories have many similarities - they take heavy inspiration from Bulgarian folk … Continue reading Transki Stories and Balkan Suite by Petar Delchev

The Stricken by Teodora Dimova

Edition Published: August 15th 2019, First Published: August 15th 2019Language book read in: Bulgarian Nel’s Perspective Teodora Dimova’s The Stricken is a very raw and honest narrative of the days just before the 1944 Bulgarian coup d'état, which marked the end of the Kingdom of Bulgaria and the start of the People's Republic of Bulgaria … Continue reading The Stricken by Teodora Dimova

Kissed by God by Yavor Tsanev

Kissed by God by Yavor Tsanev - Bookcover

Edition Published: 2018, First Published: 2018 Language book read in: Bulgarian Vel's Perspective Yavor Tsanev is the first of a few Bulgarian authors who has made his way to our selected books of the year list with his Kissed by God, a collection of short stories, titled after one of the featured tales. I love … Continue reading Kissed by God by Yavor Tsanev


Edition Published: 2017, First Published: 2017 Language book read in: Bulgarian Vel's perspective I received a long-awaited parcel from Nelly around 6 March, and along the treats she always sends me was Milen Ruskov’s bulky creation - Chamkoria. I started reading right away. Though many days I was unable to revisit the book due to personal engagements, I … Continue reading CHAMKORIA BY MILEN RUSKOV


The cover of Sworn Virgin by Rene Karabash

Edition Published: 2018, First Published: 2018 Language book read in: Bulgarian   Nel’s Perspective: Reading Sworn Virgin by Rene Karabash was a unique experience. I was only barely familiar with the concept of a sworn virgin and I honestly thought that this is not something you can access and see for yourself today. But as it turns out, … Continue reading SWORN VIRGIN BY RENE KARABASH