Kissed by God by Yavor Tsanev

Kissed by God by Yavor Tsanev - Bookcover

Edition Published: 2018, First Published: 2018 Language book read in: Bulgarian Vel's Perspective Yavor Tsanev is the first of a few Bulgarian authors who has made his way to our selected books of the year list with his Kissed by God, a collection of short stories, titled after one of the featured tales. I love … Continue reading Kissed by God by Yavor Tsanev

Selected Tales by Edgar Allan Poe

Partial Cover of Selected Tales By Edgar Allan Poe

Edition Published: 1994, First Published: 1956 Language book read in: English Vel's Perspective: It is somewhat challenging to write about a compilation of short stories. There are some I loved, and some I didn’t. On the other hand, to fully appreciate the style of an author it is best to read more than one of their … Continue reading Selected Tales by Edgar Allan Poe